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Haluatko olla osa intohimoista, kasvavaa ja osaavaa digitoimistoa? Me tarjoamme ympäristön, jossa tiimimme jäsenet saavat aitoa vastuuta ja mahdollisuuden kasvaa yrityksen mukana. Etsimme jatkuvasti uusia tekijöitä kasvavaan tiimiimme. Katso avoimet työpaikat alta. Mikäli uskot että sinusta tulisi loistava Contrastilainen, mutta et löydä sinulle sopivaa paikkaa alta juuri nyt, lähetä meille avoin hakemus osoitteeseen careers@contrast.fi.

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Senior / Lead Designer

Helsinki / Full-time

Contrast is a passionate web agency that builds web apps, web stores, and websites. We are a team of 8 digital professionals, working with amazing companies, such as Makia, Ruokaboksi and Smarp. We don’t strive to become the biggest player in town, but we definitely want to be the best.

We want to create websites and web stores that are stunning, delightful to interact with, and exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. Every single one of us, from developers to designers, is dedicated to this mission. Of course this also means always carefully picking just the right clients and projects. Oh boy, we really love what we do!

Want to see our latest work? Check our showreel.

We are looking for a web-focused UX/UI Designer to lead our lovely design team. Around 70- 80% of your time will be spent working on client projects. The rest of the time you will lead the design team, mentor other designers and develop our processes and ways of working even further. Design is in our DNA, so this is one of the key roles in our team.

What we’re looking for:

● A proven competence in designing websites and/or digital experiences, and a strong understanding of the best and latest UX/UI practices.

● We highly value visual design competences (e.g. excellent understanding of typography and visual identity building) and a big sensitivity for esthetics (we believe good UX is delightful and beautiful). This is our biggest passion and at the core of everything we do.

● We use Sketch, Zeplin, and InVision in our work, so it would be good if you would master some of those as well.

● We are looking for someone with the ability and drive to push our design team to the forefront of our field (which is web).

● Willingness to share your competence and mentor others in the design team

● We would love you to be a team player and understand that in a small team everyone does their part and a bit of extra.

● Ability to understand business problems coupled with strong analytical skills and a consultant mindset would drive you to success in this role, since we work closely with our clients.

● We also appreciate great communication skills, ability to listen, to share insights, and to rationalize complex decisions understandably – in English or Finnish, preferably both.

If you have web development skills and/or a drive and knack for writing, that would be super awesome, but it’s not mandatory.

What we offer:

● A key role and freedom to lead our design team as you best see fit

● A design-focused team

● A nifty office in the heart of Helsinki

● The best possible tools and equipment (though if you are an Android fan, we might need to negotiate)

● Excellent work/life balance

● Competitive salary

● Top-notch health-care with Pihlajalinna

● Great insurance (also for free-time)

● Annual trips with the team (well, post-Covid at least)

● Annual training and learning budget (2000€/year)

● A fun and a genuinely nice bunch of co-workers

● The freedom to be yourself – no dress-codes or micromanagement, results are what matters

Interested? Please submit your application letter, CV and portfolio by latest November 16th, 2020. We receive applications through Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2243508294/?refId=Y6mz8QWkTFudxKB4jCnhDg%3D%3D.

In this position, you will be employed directly at Contrast.

For more information about the recruitment process contact Finder Seekers’ Recruiter Ida Mansikkamäki, ida@findersseekers.io


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