2019 is here! And along with the new year come ambitious resolutions and of course new digital trends. Trends sure exist for a reason. They maintain interest by defining style and direction of the industry at a particular time. Choosing compelling trends and knowing how to navigate them can result in beautiful online presence, however, simply following trends can become a weakness if user experience is considered only as a secondary aspect. Trusting your inner voice and being authentic will never go out of fashion. But knowing what industry is talking, writing and thinking about equips to make better choices. That being said, here are the UX/UI trends that we think are worth keeping an eye on in 2019:

Typography and storytelling


Andy H WEI by Timothee Roussilhe


In the past, typefaces were perceived as static elements, but technology progressed and eventually variable or generative fonts enabled designers to freely use different font weights and widths. Typography is increasingly in the spotlight and in many cases replaces images and videos. Striking typography on a website makes a statement but it serves more than visual purpose. It is a way of expressing personality and tell great stories. Therefore, copywriting is becoming one of the primary elements of good user experience. While the style captures attention, the narrative engages people with the brand.

Functional animation

Paloma Lanna fashion designer blog animation by Zhenya Rynzhuk


Now that browsers are capable to handle animation so much better than they used to, we can surely expect to see a lot more motion and transitions. However, it’s not all about using flashy elements for mere decoration. Animation tends to be subtle and designed to enhance the user experience. Micro-animations have a huge effect on the way people interact with interfaces.

Deep flat design

Flight booking platform – landing page exploration by Setyono Dwi for Agensip Agency


Flat UI design is one of those trends that has become predominant. It has been around for 5 years and it’s not loosing its relevance. Instead, it is subtly transforming without changing its main concept. It shifts towards more depth. Stacked up layers, overlapping elements, shadows, reflections, patterns and textures – they all create a sense of space and bring products to life.

Video background

Auberive video background by Willy Brauner


For years website layouts have been static for the most part. Of course, videos have been around, often relegated to links or embedded in a page. Now, increasing internet speeds, advancing browser technologies and simplicity of capturing HD video have all contributed to making background videos much easier to produce and implement. A well chosen video can be highly engaging and can do a great job at communicating to the visitors. By using a video as a background element, the video becomes an integral part of the story, part of the experience. Yet, there are considerations that should be taken into account before implementing background videos. It might lower page load time and cause accessibility issues. A good rule of thumb is remembering that the website is only as good as the experience it provides.

Voice UI

Process of voice input by George Finnbogason


User interfaces are going beyond visual or even visible. It’s almost scary to see the concept of “no UI” coming true since voice-activated interfaces don’t necessarily require controls. Voice interaction enables people to speak to devices, and have them understand and act upon whatever they’re asked for. Voice is a very natural intermediary that lets people interact with technology. It will be exciting to see the potential of voice UI unraveling in e-commerce and other types of web services.

Finally, the greatest trend is that there is more and more honesty and kindness in the digital world. There’s less trickery, industry jargon and pretentious copy writing. Things that really matter and drive user experience are simplicity, respect and usefulness. Nothing can beat sincere intent and that’s exactly what design is at its core. Have a beautiful year!