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Smarp is a software company, offering an internal content hub also named Smarp, that lets employees discover and share interesting content – both internally and with the world. Companies using Smarp as their internal content hub gain both credibility and reach, by empowering their employees to be always up to par with the latest happenings both inside the company walls and across the global industry.

Smarp’s team approached us for a renewal of their website along with a brand refresh. Contrast conducted a Foundations phase workshop, where we, together with key members of Smarp’s team, worked on the strategy: we focused on what the key personas need to know and see to make the desired conversions and mapped those on user journeys and further into wireframes, that we verified with empathy exercises.

Professional, trustworthy, game-changing were the leading adjectives to describe Smarp’s future brand. We played around with visual cues to make the website approachable, friendly and playful, while keeping it informally corporate.

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UX design, UI design, Branding, Web development

What the client says

Working with Contrast was easy and a lot of fun. We had a bunch of specific requests and requirements which all got bundled into a beautiful and functional website. The results speak for themselves and we could not be happier!

Aleksander Cardwell Smarp

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