Delicious recipes and ingredients delivered to your door step every week

About the project

Ruokaboksi aims to make everyday meals easier and life less busy. Ruokaboksi plans your weekly recipes and delivers the ingredients – all you have to do is cook. With pre-planned recipes and skipped shopping trips you’ll have more time to do the things that really matter. Ruokaboksi delivers to areas near Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

Contrast has been with Ruokaboksi since the MVP stage of 2017. Since then the service has grown to be one of the most sophisticated ones we have done to date. To support Ruokaboksi’s subscription based service, Contrast has vastly extended the functionality of WooCommerce Subscriptions module. With custom solutions we have added features such as week calendar, viral coupon sharing, sales automation and admin forecast panels. Week calendar alone is one of Ruokaboksi’s biggest core features: client can pause their subscriptions for individual weeks up to 10 weeks in advance. No need to cancel your order if you are away for a while. Some of the coupon related features were implemented in Ruokaboksi before similar features were available in WooCommerce Subscriptions core.

The brand’s core – bringing more time to spend with loved ones – is made clear in rebranded website. Instead of talking about the service, we directed the conversation towards delicious food and good company. For the new home page we played around with colors and shapes and the end result is a sweet balance between fun and getting straight to the point. Rounded shapes, clean lines, warm accent colors and a bit of unexpected give website a friendly feel and make it easy to understand at a glance. We made the company’s logo legible on screens and integrated it’s outlined version as a halftone background element. Small stroke illustrations bring some well deserved life to the layout and resemble the fun and messy aspect of cooking. To spice things up even more, we created a set of cute illustrative characters that guide through important service touchpoints. Typography is easy to read and approachable while photography inspires and builds on the feeling of joy that comes from cooking and sharing. The overall goal was to improve conversion and better communicate the brand and we are very happy at how it turned out.


WooCommerce, Web development, UI/UX design, WooCommerce subscriptions

What the client says

Contrast has been part of Ruokaboksi story since the beginning. Contrast has practically developed the technical platform completely, and been supporting us in all big technical decisions on the way. Working with Contrast has been effortless and effective. All the features are finished and polished and our needs are also taken into consideration. I can truly recommend Contrast as a partner for both smaller and bigger projects.

Juhana Rintala Ruokaboksi

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