Integrated custom-designed WooCommerce store for a restaurant industry supplier

Mixtec WooCommerce-verkkokauppa

About the project

Mixtec is one of Finlands foremost hotel and restaurant industry suppliers and importers. The goal of the project was to create them an attractive, stylish and very easy to use B2B WooCommerce store, complete with customized ERP-integrations to seamlessly integrate with other Mixtec’s systems and make workflows smoother and save Mixtec employees a lot of valuable time. The store is designer from a customer-first viewpoint, ensuring smooth usability, especially with recurring orders in mind. Also, accurate product recommendations were an important focus point.

The custom-made WooCommerce store was integrated to Mixtec ERP, where stock amounts, sales units and price information is fetched automatically. Also customer- and order information is smoothly communicated between the ERP and WooCommerce, so that order handling can be done entirely in the ERP. We also handcrafted a way for every customer to track their order in real time from their own profile/account page. In addition to the eCommerce platform, we also created Mixtec some additional marketing material for both print and online use.


WooCommerce, API, Custom-made integration, Wordpress, ERP Integration


What the client says

Working with Contrast was very easy and flexible from the beginning to the end of the project. Especially big thanks for all the extra technical support we got, and all our questions have been answered to quickly and in a language that a non-coder understands perfetly as well. We are very happy about new integrated eCommerce platform, and we are seeing growth in sales already after the first month!

Iira Jäntti Mixtec Oy

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