International Solidarity Foundation

Fighting for a world where nobody is forced to live a life of poverty and where no woman suffers violence.

About the project

The International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1970. They are fighting for a world where nobody is forced to live a life of poverty and where no woman suffers violence. Being esteemed experts on the issue of female genital mutilation, ISF intervenes in the most fragile areas of the world, by building from ground up: providing the basic infrastructure and sustainable livelihoods to the local populations.

We were very excited to be approached by the International Solidarity Foundation, since it gave us an opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. We kicked-off out partnership with ISF with a digital renewal project. Our starting aim was to understand who ISF is and should be talking to. And based on that find the optimal balance between the extent of the information available on their website with the needs and expectations of their three specific kinds of visitors. With this approach we were able to restructure the information architecture from ground up, and design optimal user flows for each kind of visitor, while enabling tracking of desired conversions. All the while we made sure the website is versatile enough to support seasonal campaigns, required documentation and sports friendly content management system.

One of the most important goals for the project was to make donating as easy, simple and quick as possible. After researching and benchmarking solutions of both domestic and international organisations, we designed and developed a customised donation solution that supports both one-time and automatically recurring monthly donations.

The three main pillars of ISF’s brand renewal are being brave, empowering and focused. As an organization ISF is humane, friendly, feminist and inspirational, all of which we brought about with the versatile use of the color system, designed to connect with their target donor profile. We retained their professionalism with a careful balance of structural clarity that underlies the bold and bright color scheme. We honored ISF’s almost 50 years long history by ensuring a sense of continuation of their brand. We improved on their lead brand color and logo by introducing a contemporary edge to both and pairing them with appropriate typography, while staying true to its heritage.

We are excited on where will out further collaboration with the wonderful ISF team take us.


Digital strategy, Brand refresh, UX design, UI design, Web design, Development

What the client says

Our Foundation was looking for a committed partner to develop our web service into more donation friendly, inspiring and technically compatible. Since the first workshops, Contrast dazzled us with their ability of service design and web design. The end result of the web service and the visuals are fresh, brand coherent and functional. Technical implementation is topnotch. Well designed CMS gives us the opportunity to do almost everything ourselves. Throughout the project, we have found Contrast a trustworthy partner, who always has the client's benefit in mind.

Satu Vesterinen International Solidarity Foundation

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