Stylish e-commerce solution for a lifestyle-store

About the project

Dekomi is lifestyle-store specialized in decor and gifts. They were in need of new, modern online store and we were chosen to design and develop it. The physical store is located in Nummela and has been active since the year 2000.

We designed and created fully customized WordPress-site with Woocommerce. The end result is fresh, modern, memorable and easy to use solution fit for Dekomis products. We are as pleased with the site as the customers are.


Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce, User Experience, UI/UX, Wordpress, WooCommerce

What the client says

We decided we needed online presence in addition to our physical store. WooCommerce felt like the right choice for our needs. We wanted to make sure the warm, unique feeling of our shop is also present in our online shop, but we should still end up with clear and stylish site. Contrast Digital had great references and design that we knew would be great match for our needs. The sites designer Vilma immediately understood what we wanted and managed to surprise us with how well the design matched our own look. The end result is even better than we expected. Contrast also made sure we had all the information we needed to run day-to-day operations in Woocommerce and have eagerly helped us in all unclear situations we have had. We are very happy with the choice we made and have already received large amount of positive feedback from our customers.

Ella Perez Dekomi

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