About the project

Analyse² is the leading provider of merchandise planning and supplier collaboration solutions in the Nordics. Their main offering Analyse² Merchandising Platform fuses together solutions to manage the most critical aspects of retail shopper experience: assortment, price, campaigns and promotions.

Analyse² was in need of a new modernly designed website after they renewed their product portfolio. We here at Contrast Digital were fortunate to get this project – so some serious figuring out moments were laid ahead of us. How to present this complicated data in a beautiful and understandable way? How to make their possible new clients to understand what Analyse² actually does?

Our design department did a great job figuring all this out and the end result was superb –  the client loved it.


Web-design, Web development, Branding, Custom graphs

What the client says

We started the website process in a situation where our product portfolio and our thoughts about the target markets were renewed. We wanted to stand out with qualified and modern design in a field where the level of websites is normally not very appealing. From previous experience we knew that the project would be very challenging. We evaluated the offers carefully and finally were in a situation with three of the best candidates. Contrast stood out from the high-level crowd and the high standard was kept throughout the project. The final result is excellent and the whole team worked well in a tight schedule all the way from the concepting to the technical implementation. The quality-price ratio is the best we found in the market. Especially we would like to thank the design team of Contrast - with them we received an excellent presence online.

Jussi Autere Analyse²

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