Cutting-edge brand refresh & website for a cutting-edge cloud service provider

About the project

Aiven offers a bleeding-edge combination of hardware and software, providing fully-hosted and managed cloud database and messaging services on all major cloud providers across the globe.

They needed an equally cutting-edge, modern yet easy to navigate website as well as a slight brand refresh to take their online presence to a new level, and turned to Contrast. We worked in tight collaboration with the Aiven marketing team to develop a new, fresh look complete with advanced WebGL 3D animations. Their new website, showcasing the technology and the company, launched in February 2018.


Branding, Marketing materials, UX design, UI design, Development, WebGL

What the client says

Contrast interpreted our website redesign briefing with exacting precision through their bold design choices. As with any major project, we ran into a few hurdles; but, Contrast's team handled them gracefully and professionally. If you want great, collaborative design, this is the house to choose.

Kyle Buzzell Marketing Manager

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