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Senior WordPress Backend Developer

open until 31.3.2021
What we are looking for

An experienced WordPress developer

We are looking for a very experienced WordPress developer with solid experience in building highly customised WordPress (and WooCommerce) based web applications. This person has very good skills in PHP, MySQL and Git version control.

This person is quality-driven and get's a real kick out of developing future-proof and robust backend solutions. This person has good organisation skills and truly wants (and knows how) to work in a team.

What you are looking for

A small team doing big things

You are looking for a small, but capable team that does big things. You want to work with talented people that treat each other with respect and are excited to find new ways of being on top of their game.

You want to be able to focus on what you love (WordPress back-end development), but have the possibility to extend your expertise into other areas as well.

What we could do together

Build rock-solid WordPress and WooCommerce based solutions

Together we build highly customised and rock-solid WordPress and WooCommerce based applications with carefully thought-out content models. We also build integrations into third party systems.

We do less, but better. We put strong focus in learning new things, which is backed up by a personal training budget.

We devote a generous part of our time into contributing to WordPress (and/or WooCommerce) core development.

Get to know us better

Tying the knot can be scary, so let us tell you a bit more about us.


What everyone is up to currently

Lari is currently working onLari is currently working on
Lari is currently working on
Most of my time is dedicated to one client. Quality is preferred over quantity, which allows me to carefully consider the best approaches. (pauses) Wow. I was not aware I am able to produce such sales jargon.
Sami is currently working onSami is currently working on
Sami is currently working on
Lately I’ve been working on this very page, which is built with Next.js coupled with Contentful. I’ve also been working with our fresh CI pipeline in Bitbucket. At the moment about 40 percent of my time is dedicated to client work and the rest is for internal development.
Oskari is currently working onOskari is currently working on
Oskari is currently working on
Creating templateless Wordpress Gutenberg interface to elevate page editing and user experience.
Tom is currently working onTom is currently working on
Tom is currently working on
I've been working on product archive filtering. I've worked on the back-end to build new data endpoints and redoing the front-end with React for a smoother experience for both the end users and the devs.
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The Company

Do less, but better

We are a Helsinki-based web agency specialised in designing and developing mission-critical web solutions. We are proud of what we do, but we always strive to develop further. We believe in strong focus and that doing less, but better is our secret sauce for success. We want to grow, but only to a certain point. We believe that a team of 12-15 professionals would be an ideal size for us.


A snug office in the heart of Helsinki. Or remote.


A team of 9 professionals. Finnish and international.


We value long-term relationships. Last year we took on less than 5 new projects.


Web Applications, Ecommerce and Websites. That's it.


Comprehensive healthcare benefits, personal training budget and excellent equipment.

Some of our dear clients
The Application Process

Our recruitment process consists of the following steps:

Application period. Deadline is Wednesday 31.3, but we'd like to hear from you rather sooner than later.

Initial screening. We’ll go through all the applications weekly. After reading through the applications, we respond to all the applicants individually, so it might take a little while before we get to your application, but we will. 

Interviews. Our interview process includes two rounds. The first round will be devoted into getting to know each other. The second round is more technical. You will also be meeting the team in one of the interviews.

Coding assessment. We will ask you to take part in a small coding assessment, which focuses on general problem solving skills. The assessment is time-limited and won't take more than 1.5 hours of your time.

Talk about the specs. We clarify our mutual expectations of our common future. Naturally, necessities like compensation and equipment will be taken care of in a manner that satisfies us both.