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Contrast about us

Always strive for better work. Never stop learning. Have fun.

Since Contrast was founded, it has been rooted in a drive to find a better way of doing things. To do better work. To always keep learning. To never half-ass anything. And to have fun while doing all this. We believe that pleasure in the job puts perfection into work, and we really, really love what we do. Our pursuit for the better will always remain the same as in the very beginning.

Contrast about us

We love clean design and advanced digital solutions.

While creating inspiring services for our clients, our goal is always clear: To produce brilliant digital-age solutions that look great and most of all help your business or cause to grow. However, we think that is only half of the equation; your happiness is the most important thing to us. If you’re not satisfied, we have not succeeded. Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our clients.

Sami Mäkelä

Co-Founder, Technical lead

Sami is a strong entrepreneurial spirit, an avid barefoot waterskier and an occasionally funny guy with a long-lasting enthusiasm towards all things digital. He takes great pride in flawlessness, especially in code. His passion in beautifully functioning digital solutions and entrepreneurial mindset have both found their happy place in Contrast Digital Agency.

Joonas Virtanen

Co-Founder, Creative

Joonas is a new media enthusiast, proud nerd, music junkie, outdoor aficionado, social introvert and a hopeless wanderer. He is a strong blend between a creative designer and a sales-oriented businessman, so it certainly is no accident that he has found his passion in the field of digital media and branding.

Nanna Pikkarainen

Project Manager

Nanna is a well-organised Project Manager who handles all kinds of situations. Nanna has an eye for beautiful and minimalistic things. On her free time Nanna likes to go jogging with her dog, travel around the world, and do occasional gigs as a singer.

Sampo Kataja

Senior Developer

Sampo is a hard-working and enthusiastic Developer, who has a passion for web products and a work ethic a few coders have. In addition to coding, some might call him quite creative as well. Sampo is a self-confessed music nerd, both listening and playing: Guitar is his weapon of choice. In addition of ripping his guitar, he likes to play and watch football as well.

Sampo Silvennoinen

Senior Developer

Sampo is eager and loyal Developer, who has drive to do things the right way. Digital media has played large role in his life even before he had written a single line of code - as is witnessed by his decade long Odyssey into the world of short films. Always willing to improve and enlarge his skill set.

Marija Erjavec

Lead Designer

Marija is a Lead Designer, with love for understanding the bigger picture and solving little annoyances of everyday life. She enjoys creating clear and joyful digital experiences and is always looking for new challenges and experiences. Right now she is learning mountain biking.

Inga Gudoniene

Senior Designer

Inga is a Designer with trained eye for elegant yet subtle perfection. Although she originates from heart of Lithuania, she feels equally at home in the Lappish woods and anywhere by the sea. Ask her to cook a Filipino style ceviche, it might blow your mind.

Tom Laakso


Tom is a Developer with a sharp eye for visual details who is always open to new ideas and experiences. Tom constantly tries to exceed himself and create something awesome - be it code or music.

Katrin Tarasova

Junior Designer

Katrin is captivated with creating the perfect visual experience, whether it’s creating a website, product packaging or organising. She likes to create thoroughly polished projects with a focus on a clear structure. She travels, draws and consistently seeks new experiences.


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